Heterosexual men do not like to use condoms

Heterosexual men turned out to be less likely to use condoms, when finding a partner who thinks very pretty. In the eyes of men, beautiful women tend not transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Interesting looking man also tend not to use condoms. Anastasia Eleftherious main researchers of the University of Southampton said: "Men tend not to use condoms when having sex with a beautiful woman, even though they may believe that attractive women may have PMS." Roger Ingham researchers also believe that this discovery caused a man wants to produce offspring that are also interesting and willing to take more risks. "Men want to have a child who thinks attractive and willing to take risks for it," he said. Tesebut study aimed to better understand the relationship between the attractiveness, sexual health status, and use of condoms among heterosexuals. To that end, researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Bristol asked 51 hete

Please Listen your girl before you having sex with them

Please Listen your girl before you having sex with them Listen up, boys! Ladies get real about what they really want (and don't) want in the bedroom. How we haven't covered this one before, is beyond me. If we don't let you in on what sex positions we prefer, gentlemen, then how will you ever know if you're a match with your new lady friend? Previously, we asked men what positions they preferred, and, to no surprise, doggy style was the definite winner, with missionary being at the bottom of the list. Well, guys, from what we learned this time around, men and women are on completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to favored sex positions. Looks like we're just going to have to find a middle ground if we're ever to truly be happy when we get it on. Actually, missionary is best, thank you very much!!! "Believe it or not my favorite is actually straight up missionary. I feel the most connected with my partner

Pornography is Sucks - Real Sex is Bravo

Most times it is troublesome if not absolute difficult to talk about sexual practices and encounters in print without bordering on erotica. However this ought not be the situation. Sex in the middle of man and lady is as old as the species! The distinctive sexual orientations have dependably experienced issues understanding the others needs and needs and this has not enhanced with the presentation of the PC age. This ought not remain so. On the off chance that the couple is equipped for building up a craving to enhance their sexual experiences they ought to uninhibitedly have the capacity to look for help at each open door. A significant issue between this cherishing pair is the misconception of alternate's yearnings and requirements for sexual fulfillment. Actually when they think they recognize what they are doing advanced dating happens at the pace of sound and seldom do they require significant investment to get to know one another. It appears that they meet over a couple

Sex differences Korea and Indonesia

Category Asian News Korean sex industry is not as advanced as in Japan, but still more free than in Indonesia. Maybe it's a lot of growth that are hot abg body willing to sell their bodies for money. It was a story that really happened, not to mention his Korean entertainment business, especially in K-POP music and soap opera drama could shake the world.   As of the porn industry in a number of countries, the price for sex with abg usually more expensive than if you want to have sex with auntie. And most likely also occurred in Korea, which may be greater than the number that occurred in Indonesia. It can not be denied that the sex business is indeed a very lucrative business, even more so this is a business that has existed since time immemorial perhaps the oldest. With so many places that sell prostitution either a minor or an old alias aunt. Of course cheating is happening in korea in Indonesia or greater. Of course this makes sense because the more p

Truely Water Nymph

Accidentally googling I get the picture that I think is absolutely perfect, like the reflection of the water nymph Truely but this is not a water nymph, beautiful girl in the picture is named Wang Xi Ran   Wang Xi Ran aka Crystal Wang, is a model of Asian young and hot, car show girl and Internet celebrity from Dalian, Liaoning Province, Northeast China. Born on August 20, 1991 and was formerly known as Wang Xue Rui, Wang Xi Ran has Appeared in many national magazines and TV ads.

Special Valentine's Day in Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is celebrated with a rather unique way. Woman gives gift of chocolates to men and women lainnya.hanya gift giving gifts (especially chocolate) for men. Japanese women are usually too shy to express their love. Therefore, Valentine's Day is considered to be a great opportunity to let women express their feelings. The tradition of giving chocolate gives a huge advantage for sellers chocolate shop. Now chocolate company in Japan selling more than half of their annual sales during the week before Valentine's Day.  Chocolate gift is divided into three jenisyaitu: giri choco (obligatory chocolate), honmei choco (chocolate for men, women seriously) and tomo choco (chocolate for female friends woman) .. Giri choco is given by women to their superiors in the workplace as well as to other male co-workers. It is not unusual for a woman to buy 20 to 30 boxes different types of chocolates to share at the office where she worked. 

Explore Art and History in Italy

Explore Art and History in Italy  Lago d'Iseo As one of the world's most prominent art and history centers, Italy offers many fine galleries, museums and landmarks. Unique museums featuring cars, entertainment, science and technology, and archeology are scattered throughout the Italian regions to suit all tastes. Saint Peter's Square is one of the most beautiful sites in the world and was constructed by many famous architects, including Michelangelo, Vignola, Raphael and Pirro Ligorio. There are also many castles, palaces and cathedrals that attract visitors each year. Whether it's to learn about key periods of time in history, relax with the family at the beach, or to enjoy a romantic getaway, Italy has something to offer for every occasion! Hiking the Hills and Valleys of Italy Lake Lago d'Iseo Bring your trekking poles for a terrific hiking adventure in the gorgeous country of Italy! Italy offers some fabulous hiking trails where you'll discover