Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Heterosexual men do not like to use condoms

Heterosexual men turned out to be less likely to use condoms, when finding a partner who thinks very pretty. In the eyes of men, beautiful women tend not transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Interesting looking man also tend not to use condoms.

Anastasia Eleftherious main researchers of the University of Southampton said: "Men tend not to use condoms when having sex with a beautiful woman, even though they may believe that attractive women may have PMS."

Roger Ingham researchers also believe that this discovery caused a man wants to produce offspring that are also interesting and willing to take more risks. "Men want to have a child who thinks attractive and willing to take risks for it," he said.

Tesebut study aimed to better understand the relationship between the attractiveness, sexual health status, and use of condoms among heterosexuals.

To that end, researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Bristol asked 51 heterosexual male English aged between 18 and 69 years.

Every man shown 20 black and white pictures of faces and asked how the tendency to have sex with that woman. They also asked me-ranking of the attractiveness of the women were, how likely to use condoms, how many other men like them would have unprotected sex and the possibility of the women had a sexually transmitted disease.

Published in the British Medical Journal Open, researchers found a higher willingness to use condoms found in women less attractive and there's a tendency to suffer from PMS.

They also found that more protection is used when the man was an exclusive relationship, have less satisfying sex life or younger.

Many sexual partners who lost virginity at a more mature age and live in unprotected sex in the past few years, also make men tend to use condoms when having sex with them.

Robert Ingham said further research is needed to find out whether these relationships also occur among gay men.

"Certainly interesting to repeat this study in men who have sex with men to find out if a similar pattern occurs," he said.

Previous research found that men look at beautiful women more likely to have a sexually transmitted disease.

While other researchers found, people believe those interesting faced often have better health levels and are less likely to suffer from asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Research was out just a week after the actor Charlie Sheen who have the HIV virus positive support the use of condoms will protect the public from infectious diseases without reducing the enjoyment of sex.

November last year it was announced the actor 50 years, he fought with the virus for years and admits he contracted the virus because of sexual behavior less responsible.